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  1. MongoDB Awards 2016, New York. Business in category.

  2. Open Data Institute Awards 2016, London. Business category.

  3. Geospatial World Forum Award in 2017, Hyderabad, India. Business category.

A session on generating quick and very useful GIS data for business intelligence.

Programming your own spatial dataset to interactive map without prior programming skills

Profiling multiple farm areas and parsing the data to simple spreadsheet in minutes.

"It has been a tremendous experience learning and relearning new skills in the aspect of GIS. Through this medium, I have been introduced to new ways of the application of GIS. The online course is also flexible enough to accommodate my busy schedule. I say big thank you to all moderators and organizers of this course." - Emeka Ibeneme.

" I'm a lawyer of 16 years and actively involved in development work. Being in a group that exposed me to Gisforsi is one of my great achievements this year. I find the course quite fascinating and interesting. Gisforsi is almost in all that we do and I can't wait to find out more about it as I advance in the study." - Uzoma Aneto.

" With less than basic knowledge of GIS (ie academic knowledge), GIS tut has taught me more than any school may ever. I can't wait for when I can contribute effectively to qualitative Social Impact. I'd gladly recommend GIS tutorials modules to the NUC, NBTE and NOUN for adoption into Nigerian tertiary education curricula." - Bruno Egwumba .

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